From young joiner to master cabinetmaker, Mike's instinctive sense of precision explains his immaculate craftsmanship.

Through Joined + Jointed, I've had to turn different designers' drawings into reality. That's the challenge - they all have different ideas for how a piece should be made, and it's up to me to make it work!

The son of a joiner, Mike began his apprenticeship at sixteen and has been making furniture ever since. Based in Shropshire, he and J+J founder Samuel Chan go back a long way - Mike was the craftsman who made Samuel's Masters Degree show pieces. Some twenty years later, the two are still collaborating. Mike's instinctive demand for precision makes him the ideal maker to realise Samuel's pure, clean-line designs. Now heading J+J's production in the UK, Mike gets satisfaction from seeing the final finished piece - "I look at it before it leaves the workshop and think, it's going into someone's home, and I made it."