Joined + Jointed is a collective of celebrated designers and artisans brought together by a shared love of contemporary design and meticulous craft. Together they have created a collection of original, accessible and exclusive furniture pieces.

Discover them now and enjoy them forever.


Creation through collaboration

From the initial sketch to the final finished piece, Joined and Jointed is collaborating with some of the most exciting designers working today – some established, others just emerging. We believe they are some of the finest talent around.

From the UK to the USA, China to Denmark, the collective has been brought together by award-winning designer Samuel Chan. His purpose – to turn new design concepts into beautifully made pieces of furniture using his artisan production knowledge, and to offer them to like-minded furniture lovers at sensible, attainable prices.

Celebrating the best of now

If you're looking for reissues of design standards and staples, you won't find them here. We believe tomorrow's classics are being imagined and created today. So we work only with designers who bring fresh inspiration to the contemporary furniture scene, resulting in a collection that's completely new and unashamedly unique.

Every piece we produce has a story. We invite you to share these stories, discover the designers, meet the craftsmen. Find out not just what has shaped the furniture but also what has shaped the thinking behind each piece.

Freshwest Lazy Chairs with Factory Backdrop